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Song #2657 – Stuck On You

If I ever look as if I’m experiencing an epiphany, as if I’m learning an all-important life lesson, or that I’m finally finding some much-needed clarity about a piece of universal information, let me tell you something: I’m not. I … Continue reading

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Song #1054 – The Heart Is A Lousy Hunter

The rifle feels about as heavy in his hands as you’d realistically expect a rifle to feel, which is to say pretty heavy indeed. “You got it in your sights, son?” He’s talking about a deer. A graceful, tranquil doe, … Continue reading

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Song #783 – Some Spots I Cannot Change

I don’t have a tattoo, and I’m almost certainly never going to get one. Not because I don’t like the idea of them. Not because I don’t think they look good. It’s because of what happened with my bedroom wall. … Continue reading

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Song #261 – I Can Be Your Bodyguard

There is a man enjoying a bit of notoriety on the internet at the moment, for having written a rather brutish letter to a female BuzzFeed writer. I won’t name him personally, so as not to give the situation any … Continue reading

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Song #2649: Scenes From Christmas Past

Teacher knew she shouldn’t raise her voice, but they’d been running this scene for fifteen minutes now and mums were already starting to loiter outside the hall. “Try it again, poppet, and try to remember to put your arm around … Continue reading

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Song #4498: The Death Of Évariste Galois

or What A 19th Century French Mathematician Taught Me About Love I know nothing about abstract algebra. I know even less about polynomial equations. Field theory, permutation groups, Abelian integers are all an absolute mystery to me and my understanding … Continue reading

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Song #700: Evelyn Turner’s Husband

I was too young to remember Evelyn Turner properly, but she used to live down the road from us. My father recently told me the story of how her husband died. It happened one Sunday afternoon – not long after … Continue reading

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