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Song #2657 – Stuck On You

If I ever look as if I’m experiencing an epiphany, as if I’m learning an all-important life lesson, or that I’m finally finding some much-needed clarity about a piece of universal information, let me tell you something: I’m not. I … Continue reading

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Song #1054 – The Heart Is A Lousy Hunter

The rifle feels about as heavy in his hands as you’d realistically expect a rifle to feel, which is to say pretty heavy indeed. “You got it in your sights, son?” He’s talking about a deer. A graceful, tranquil doe, … Continue reading

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Song #783 – Some Spots I Cannot Change

I don’t have a tattoo, and I’m almost certainly never going to get one. Not because I don’t like the idea of them. Not because I don’t think they look good. It’s because of what happened with my bedroom wall. … Continue reading

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Song #261 – I Can Be Your Bodyguard

There is a man enjoying a bit of notoriety on the internet at the moment, for having written a rather brutish letter to a female BuzzFeed writer. I won’t name him personally, so as not to give the situation any … Continue reading

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