Song #2649: Scenes From Christmas Past

Teacher knew she shouldn’t raise her voice, but they’d been running this scene for fifteen minutes now and mums were already starting to loiter outside the hall.

“Try it again, poppet, and try to remember to put your arm around her as you say the line.”

The children shuffle back to their positions. Kit steps forward and recites his line.

“There, there, Emily. Don’t cry. Tiny Tim has gone to a better place now.”


Teacher gets up from her chair. Strictly speaking, she’s not supposed to touch the children but this is drama. You can’t direct properly without manhandling your actors.

“Don’t put your hand on top of her head, ” she snaps, grabbing him by the wrist and forcing his arm around Sarah-Jane’s shoulders. “Your child has just died, for Pete’s sake! Hug her!”

A ripple of whispers runs out around the rest of the cast. One kid makes an “Ooooh!” sound and follows it with kissing noises. Laughter is heard.

Kit’s cheeks burn. This is exactly what he was worried would happen.

If his girlfriend finds out about this, he is in so much trouble.

The Housekeeping Society – One More Sleep ‘Til ChristmasHousekeeping

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