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Songs #110 & 138: The Golden Boy Of Oboe

I am a terrible negotiator. Probably one of the worst living. I buy everything at retail value, I suck up bank charges without batting an eyelid and I have even been known to reverse haggle during salary discussions – insisting … Continue reading

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Song #96 – We Are All Basically Alone

Outside a restaurant in Queenstown, New Zealand one Sunday morning, a family of five takes a table for breakfast. The family are regulars and know the menu as well as any waiter there, so they place their order without so … Continue reading

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Songs #46 – 78: Narrative Disco

I have a friend who maintains that, when it comes to music, there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Music is written to be enjoyed, he says. If you enjoy it, then the music has done its job … Continue reading

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Song #22 – A. Mann (and a woman)

I fell in love with an Aimee Mann fan once. Or, at least, I thought I did. It was one of those doggedly persistent teenage crushes – one that lasted for the best part of two years and one that, … Continue reading

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Song #1: The Sound Of Science

Like most of my good ideas, the one I had after graduating from university (in which I would take a year out from doing anything quantifiably constructive with my life and instead use the time to try to write a … Continue reading

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